Thursday, November 23, 2017

21st Century Math Projects is Now Clark Creative Education

The universe is expanding. While 21st Century Math Projects is the crown jewel product line that I've created, to be more descriptive for what I do I have made a brand name change.  

Introducing Clark Creative Education

One of the reasons that the core business has outgrown 21st Century Math Projects is for the past few years I've expanded well beyond math projects. Now with instructional content, activities and worksheets there was a sense among some users that all I provided was math projects. Worse yet, some would think activities or worksheets were projects. 

Then there was a second problem, I've expanded beyond math. Ultimately, as you can imagine, this has been confusing for folks.

Then there was a third problem, since I plan to write engaging content for 50 years -- touting the 21st Century in the year 2067 isn't really cool. 

Nonetheless, the 21st Century Math Project -- PROJECTS will remain the 21st Century Math Projects -- so the name isn't going away completely! :-)

So I had to determine what is the most clear and fully encompassing way to describe what I do. I kept coming back to Creative Education. Education with a twist. Education that elevates the routine into the engaging. Education the morphs application challenges into full-blown decision-making simulations. 

Why does Clark fit? I went a bit back and forth here. Isn't Creative Education a good name? To me, it felt too corporate. Too official. While I expect to grow the content exponentially, I want to be clear that the passion engine is being ran by an individual and not a board of directors or an executive team. 

The official website is coming soon and will allow for subscription access for unlimited course usage -- be excited. I'm excited. 

With this change, you should expect even more CSI, Escapes, Person Puzzles, Whodunnits. All in the name of engaging students through creative education.

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