Sunday, June 15, 2014

CSI: Elementary is Coming!

Stay tuned this summer. After a bajillion requests I've decided to piece together an Elementary version of my CSI units. The focus will be on 4th and 5th Grade Common Core Standards and the topics from those years.

It's coming. It shall be epic.

The units will be:

1. Problem Solving with Addition and Subtraction
2. Problem Solving with Multiplication and Division
3. Measurement and Conversion
4. Lines and Angles
5. Shapes, Area & Perimeter
6. Decimals & Place Value
7. Understanding Fractions
8. Input-Output Tables
9. Representing Data

There may also be a ginormous Elementary project that will bubble to the surface that I've been working on with my pals from NextLesson. As a bit of a teaser these will be real world performance tasks that are designed to capture your students attention and imagination. Exciting times ahead.

Enjoy your summers and may you recuperate and reinvigorate.

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