Thursday, July 18, 2013

CSI: Algebra Second Edition Now LIVE

If you have downloaded an Electronic Book that looks like this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Please go redownload it! (There is a SURPRISE IN THE ZIP FILE)

What I realized now that I'm most of the way through my 4 CSI book is that I've gotten a lot better at certain things. CSI: Algebra was my first born and he deserved the same treatment all of my new babies have received so I went through a upgraded every single page. More color. More pictures. Reordered problems. Adjusted answer choices. Better tables. More alignment. You name it. I did it. 

Redownloading is free. Just visit your "My Purchases" tab on TPT redownload it! Get your surprise project and have a much better file! 

Get the Interactive & Customizable Version of CSI: Algebra at

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