Monday, May 6, 2013

Equation Boot Camp -- Differentiated Equation Solving Practice Assignments

Drill Sergeant Voice Optional!
Although this isn't a math project, Equation Boot Camp reinforces one of the most important math skills of all -- solving equations. Some basics just can't be replaced!

At times, I was frustrated teaching more challenging equations when it was obvious many in the class needed extra help on easier stuff. I developed this idea of an Equation Boot Camp to reinforce those skills, but allowing others to accelerate on their own!

Typically I teach Solving Equations in October and I used this in the Spring as remediation and enrichment. In my class, I also assign grades based on mastery so if students demonstrates this skill, then I improve their scores from the beginning of the year.

Students will take a Pre-Assessment and will be assigned a level. Each level is thematically tied with a rank in the Army. So while the Levels of the algebra get more challenging, they achieve a higher rank in the army.

After students master a level, they are signed off and promoted to the next level. Students intrinsically strive to get up a level and are innately curious about the next one.

There are 9 main levels of problems, thus 9 practice assignments included. For each level 2 mastery tests are included for a total of 18. Over 200 problems included overall!

When I do this I devote 3-5 days in class of small group practice, targeted instruction, and mastery testing. It's Boot Camp after all! You could just as easily use these assignments for homework or classwork without the Boot Camp experience.

An answer guide is included for all practice assignments and mastery tests. The total page count on the file is 28.

Unlike the majority of the items in my store, this is not a math project.

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