Thursday, April 4, 2013

21st Century Math Projects 2013 Collection Now Live!

A money saving 10 project bundle!
A brand-new collection of 10 engaging, student approved 21st Century Math Projects that provide rigor, relevance, and cross-curricular content altogether. These are primarily aimed at Algebra 1 Geometry, Algebra II and PreCalculus content, but provide opportunities for enrichment and remediation at all levels!


I have each of these projects advertised separately. You can save time and money, and get them all in one order. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Included in this set:

Carbon Footprint: Environment-Focused STEM Project

Correlation All-Star: Sports-Based Statistic Project

CSI: Geometry – Unit 4 – Proportions & Similarity: STEM Project

Design a Zoo – Integrated Area & Perimeter Geometry Project

The Election: Political Science Math Project

The Game of Life: Financial Literacy Real World Project

Grade Point Average: Integrated Math Project

Silence the Violence: Take Action Math Project

Superhero Transformations: Hands-On STEM Project

Toothpick Bridge: Geometry STEM Project

So if you enjoy saving some money, this might be for you. It's over 50% off to get the bundle instead of purchasing each separately!

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