Thursday, January 24, 2013

CSI: Geometry is coming together!!

Feverishly writing and researching I've added quite a few products to the popular CSI collection! I still have a ways to go to publish a new eBook, but I do have 7 new Geometry puzzles. Learn some geometry while learning a bit about the world and crime scene investigation!

We start the adventure in South Africa home to the Vuvuzela and learn some of the Foundations of Geometry!

Students go to France to practice Deductive Reasoning Skills

then travel to the Caribbean for Triangle Practice

after a nice tan they go to Canada for some Similarity and Proportion problems

after a losing the nice tan they travel to India, one of the many home of Trigonometry

from there it is off to England to investigate their fascination with Circles

and most recently students will refine Area skills in the Second City, Chicago

Each of the puzzles have the same structure and can make some engaging learning that gets away from a drill and kill worksheet! Check out the previews on TPT you can see everything! Except the answer key (I think 2/3 of my blog traffic is students looking for answers to the projects :-)

You can get the Interactive & Customizable Version of CSI Geometry at my store and optionally customize it for your needs.

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