Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silence the Violence -- International Take Action Project -- FREE DOWNLOAD

Empower young people to use their voice and not let policymakers forget.

Lord bless the 26 new angels
Name: Silence the Violence
Suggested Grade Level: 6-12 (Pre-Algebra, Statistics skills)
Math Concepts: Correlations (calculations or scatterplots)
Interdisciplinary Connections: Law, Policy, Peace
Teaching Duration: 2-3 Days (can be modified)
Cost: A Free 20 Page PDF 
Interactive & Customizable Version: Silence the Violence @ NextLesson.org
PDF Version: Silence the Violence @ TPT

Product: A PSA for gun control and non-violence that perhaps can make a difference.

Since the tragedy in Connecticut, it has been put on my heart to to something meaningful. I learned as much as I could about the issues at play.  Perhaps with enough teachers and enough students classroom can come together to make a clear, data-driven argument that there is a positive correlation between firearms ownership and firearms homicide.

Empower your students to take action and create a PSA. Encourage them to make something powerful and let their voice be heard!

I built this project through the use of correlations of international data. I have included content for either middle school (plotting and calculating) or high school (calculating correlation with summations).

The results are meaningful, the results are real and the data is possibly the same data policymakers are reviewing right now. It was put on my heart to make this, perhaps it will be put on a student's heart to drive this point to Congress.

I will likely be updating this file, but I wanted to get it to you before some of us go off on Winter Break.
A Spreadsheet is included for convenience.

Of course taking on a project like this depends on the psyche and maturity of your class, but feel free to use anything or pass it on.

God Bless.

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