Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Person Puzzles -- Mother Teresa

Adding to the already prolific (not really) collection of 21st Century Math Project Person Puzzles, we have the greatest mother ever... Mother Teresa! 

Best Mother Ever? Goose v. Nature v. Teresa... You decide!
Name: Person Puzzle -- Mother Teresa -- Factoring
Suggested Grade Level: 7-12 (Algebra skills)
Teaching Duration: 10-30 minutes
Cost: $0.75 for a 2 Page PDF (1 assignments and answer key) 

Lets face it, many people think Mother Teresa is from Asia. While she earned her India citizenship, her life was far more interesting. If you asked kids who she was some may say "she was nice". Although we remember her and her work, she passed away in 1997 -- the same year my Freshmen were born. Yes you are old. 

Mother Teresa is a figure far more deserving as opposed to always being the token woman entry into the most important person ever debate in high school! Help your students imagine leaving the United States for another country to go serve sick and poor people in another country, never asking for any credit, and doing it for decades! 

I'm Mother Teresa, I never wanted any
credit or recognition and I'm honestly
uncomfortable being the subject
of a person puzzle. 
Help preserve the legacy of Mother Teresa and get down with some mathematical swagg. Mother Teresa swagg. Anyone who forever Googles "Mother Teresa swagg" will now hopefully find my website.

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