Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pixton – Cool Free Web-based Software

Cartooning is made easy and accessible for all students with this free web-based software. Pixton is a free web-based software that allows students to create comic strips. Pre-Made characters are built as “puppets” so students are free to pose them however they would like. There are a built-in pre-made poses for anyone trying to get that perfect karate kick. Students are able to make comic books for free, but if additional features are desired pay options do exist. 
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Students have never been more engrossed in a web-based software than when we used this one. The customization and freedom of expression worked great for my students. That said on my end there were a couple of challenges. Students can only make 6 panels so if their story extended, they had to make a “second” comic strip. For assessment, sending links does not work. What we decided to do was have students pull up their comics on a computer, have each comic strip on a different tab and we did a gallery walk of sorts. This worked well enough.

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How does this fit into a math classroom? Again very very carefully. This is the type of project that without solid structure on the teacher’s part can be on the fast track to learn-nothing-about-math-ville. In other words, the math project plague. I’ve been there. I’ve had students look up their favorite car on the computer to find the price and features. I know how this can become a dreadful waste of time without solid structure. At times, I like students to conclude a math project with some sort of analysis presentation whether it be a PSA or a jury trial. This can just as easily be used for those conclusions. How I use class time with this is the careful issue. It is certainly something I’m more likely to ask students to do at home.

I have used this software in my technology class. I asked students to imagine the world in 2030 and included 10 science-based inventions that are in development today. I asked students to construct a narrative built around a character trying to accomplish a goal. Basic story structure. I had some really awesome projects that exceeded my expectations. If you are also teaching English, Social Studies, Science, World Language, etc. this might be a really cool resource for you.

Would I use this in a math class? There are only a few topics I would even consider it (such as translating algebraic and verbal expressions). Otherwise it might serve best in a role play where someone is teaching someone else a math concept. I don’t feel a rock solid foundation that connects to a math concept, so I’d be extremely hesitant. Nonetheless, it’s super duper fun and someone in your building may love it!


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