Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve -- A Sale is a Comin'...

Step off the elliptical machine and check out an upcoming sale on the Mothership,
Give a special someone the gift of an engaging, integrated math lesson!

While I don't want any of you trampling over fellow shoppers for PDF files to my latest 21st Century Math Projects, I am participating in the TeachersPayTeachers sale next Monday and Tuesday. Everything on the site will be on sale and then sellers can throw there own sales on top of that. My own personal sale will actually start on Saturday, but you wouldn't get the extra TeachersPayTeachers discount. So if you've had your eye on a Math Project to tuck under the tree for a loved one (or if you love yourself) stop by this weekend.

Gift wrapping is available upon request. 

Not really, it's an electronic document.

But seriously if you want me to wrap an electronic document, I'll make it happen.

But that's not really possible. 

But if you point your mind to something you can accomplish anything.

That's not true. Someone lied to you. It's unrealistic. Putting your mind to something doesn't include the element of hard work that's necessary--

You're probably right. Gift wrapping seems unlikely.

Unless you put your mind to it.

But I thought you just said--

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