Wednesday, October 3, 2012

US President Inquiry -- Middle & High School Math Project

Was their a debate on TV tonight?

Want a FREE election friendly math project for your Middle School or High School classroom? In this 21st Century Math Project, students will investigate a number of factors around our nation’s presidents. The age of a President at their inauguration, their age at death and the number of children they have become data to analyze with some of standardized test’s favorite statistic measures.

Name: US President Inquiry Project
Suggested Grade Level: 7-12 (Statistics skills)
Math Concepts: Mean, Media & Mode, Box & Whisker, Stem and Leaf Plots, Histograms
Interdisciplinary Connections: Social Studies
Teaching Duration: 2-4 Days (can be modified)
Cost: FREE PDF (1 inquiry project, 2 assignments with answer key) 

The Product: An inquiry project asking students the question “Do US Presidents with the most children live longer after they have been inaugurated?”  

What is the average age of the President at inauguration? How long do they live after their time in office? Does the number of children they have any bearing on the length of their life? Let students investigate and uncover evidence to support conclusion in this 21st Century Math Project.

Herber Hoover is a funny name.

When I use this project, it’s interesting to see the awareness my students have with their history of presidents. Help out your social studies department, by giving your student some familiarity with some of the nation’s most important figures.

While the US Presidents are the window dressing, the guts of this project are 100% applied statistics. I selected what I have found to be the most frequently occurring statistics concepts found on standardized tests and packaged them into a series of questions. Using the Presidents in this assignment allows students to make more meaningful conclusions and practices crafting thought out, data-supported responses.

If you dig the freebie, you can find other projects that fit your instructional and cool-teacher needs at 21st Century Math Projects

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