Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tiki-Toki Timelines – Cool Free Web-based Software

Want to hook up that teacher friend with a super awesome resource? Tiki-Toki just might be it. It is my goal that no child ever brings a posterboard with cutout printed Googled pictures to class again. Join me! For a history or English teacher Tiki-Toki Timelines might be perfect solution to your next high school project.
The Time is Now
Using this software, students are able to add events to a timeline that may span the Roman Empire or the Odyssey. Through adding media such as picture of video, students are able to bring their project to life in software that is fully interactive. This software is very easy for assessment. Students can simply email the link to their timeline and you can see it.

What made Alexander so Great?
How does this fit in the math classroom? If you are that teacher that has to do some history of math or that uber cool partly schizophrenic mathematician project – This might be perfect for you. Although I’m not exactly sure if that’s mathematically rigorous or real world relevant it’s so mathematically nerdy that if you can work it – work it.

Although its application might not be great in the math classroom, it could be great for a math department. If you map out yearly plans of units, assessments and all that good stuff, it might be a simple to use alternative for important dates and deadlines.

So check it out and be that cool “here’s an awesome resource idea” person in your building!

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