Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Night Scramble -- Special Offer

It's Sunday night, I just made my sandwich. The 49ers offense is really disappointing me. I'm already dreading making the copies tomorrow morning that I should have stayed later on Friday to do. Need a cool STEM project? A relevant International project? Are you teaching 5 preps from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus? Are you dreading these questions because questions only remind you your weekend is pretty much over?

To make this less painful -- I'm offering a special deal. $5 off my 2012 Collection of Lessons. This makes it a round $20 for 10 engaging projects.

Included in this set:

Box Car Derby: STEM Project   Algebra/Algebra 2

Calorie Cruncher: Integrated Health Project  Pre Algebra / Algebra

Combating Poverty & Microloans: International Project  Pre Algebra / Algebra

CSI Number Theory – Unit 8 – Polynomials: STEM Project Algebra / Algebra 2

Facebook, Twitter & the Arab Spring: International Project Algebra 2 / Precalculus

Seven Billion and Counting… Algebra / Algebra 2 / PreCalculus

The Mile Run: Integrated Sports Project Algebra 2 / PreCalculus

Theme Park Tycoon: Integrated Business Project Pre Algebra / Algebra

Wiffleball: Integrated Sports Project Statistics

World Traveler: International Project Algebra (I'm using this one this week!)

Happy Sunday Mathemagicians!

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