Wednesday, October 24, 2012 -- Cool Website Spotlight

Need awesome, cool, free clipart that makes you say boomdiggy? Want to tweak it for your own liking for your own high school math project? Want to put your school’s logo on every picture you ever put on an assignment? If you read the blog on Inkscape, downloaded it and learned a little bit about node editing, you are totally ready for the next step -- Even if you aren’t ready to edit clipart, you can still get cool free clipart!

Free. Check. Awesome. Check. Boomdiggy. Check, is an active community where new, free clipart is added daily. For a number of projects, I have used this clipart. Of course, I have to put my own unique spin on it, but it certainly gives a solid base. For instance if a 21st Century Math Project needs me to draw a bonobo, I can find the best looking monkey image on the site and can use Inkscape to tweak it to make it look like my perfect swaggalicious bonobo. At least I didn’t have to draw a bonobo from scratch! 

Please stay tuned for the next bonobo focused 21st Century Math Project in development. Likely to be released in 2031. If you missed the Inkscape blog piece, check that out here: BOOMDIGGY

I might be a chimpanzee holding a wrench, but soon 
I'll look like a bonobo sans wrench.
It’s silly, but adding relevant clipart, using different text AND making a piece of paper look cooler does affect the perception of the assignment. This applies for children and adults. Now don’t get me wrong, if you add a piece of clipart, but don’t understand how to make the text fit around it (Wrap Text: Square with Justified text are my favorite options in Word).

Would you like a little more help with Inkscape? Let me know in the comments and I can get super nerdy-specific with screenshots that can help you get started making your own clipart! 

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